About Us

What are we?

A collective of NZ-Made skincare & body care products that are kind to you & our environment.

We believe self-care doesn’t need to be complicated yet is essential because the change starts with YOU, Self-love empowers you in more ways than one and feeling beautiful inside out is what we aim to achieve for all our customers here at Wondrous NZ cosmetics. The confidence that comes with the right self-care is what drives one to reach their full potential, isn’t it?  


How the idea came to life:

I moved with my small family from cape town South Africa to NZ in November 2014, as I &  hubby longed to call NZ our home & provide our son with a life filled with opportunities. And so, we reached for the stars and landed in this picturesque paradise we now call our home: couldn’t be happier 😊

I started this collective in 2020 to celebrate natural beauty through amazing skincare & body care products. When I discovered these products, I instantly fell in love with them & can personally vouch for their quality too.

The feeling of amazement about the superior quality of our locally-made cosmetics & the feel-good factor -inside & out using these products, being able to support local at the same time, made the idea of sharing these with the rest of you irresistible to me.

So, I jumped right In & went all out with investing my heart & soul in this little venture of mine. Often juggling kids, fulltime work and marriage with reassurance at the end of the day that ‘this risk is worth taking’ because I believe it only takes a few steps in the right direction to reach our destination, which is making all women feel beautiful & confident not only on the outside but confident in their choices as well.

‘Follow your heart and it will always show you the right way’-Nix


Our assurance to you:

Using naturally sourced ingredients that are NZ made, ethically sourced as we care about what we put into our bodies, as well as the environment. That’s why our products are carefully tested & selected, cruelty-free, made of high quality, all at an affordable price.


Note from the owner:

'Thank you for taking the time to visit our beautiful store, we really appreciate each & every one of you & hope you can use these products to empower yourself and embrace self-love just like we have'.

Dedicated to the loves of my life- My kids & Husband.